“Ukmergės gelžbetonis“ was established in 1958. The company has a huge experience and is known as a reliable partner. The mission of “Ukmergės gelžbetonis” is to be a valuable partner in a construction business by supplying safe and high quality products and services.

The company is developing two main product lines: precast reinforced concrete elements and expanded polystyrene production. At present “Ukmergės gelžbetonis” manufactures the following precast reinforced concrete elements used in building structures: hollow-core slabs, columns, beams, balconies, stairs.

The company is also known as a leading expanded polystyrene plates producer in Lithuania. “Ukmergės gelžbetonis” offers a wide range of EPS plates for all building insulation solutions.

“Ukmergės gelžbetonis” factories have production control certificates and CE-marking. Management system of the company is certified according to the requirements of an ISO 9001 international standard. The products are mainly sold in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. Locally, “Ukmergės gelžbetonis” is a large employer.

The company has strong sales and production divisions. “Ukmergės gelžbetonis” continuously invests into new equipment and technology development. Combining technology, experience and knowledge allows to produce high quality products and satisfy market needs.


Quality Management System ISO 9001


Environmental Management System ISO 14001


NORDCERT Certificate