Hollow-core slabs HCS

We make hollow-core slabs HCS by means of extrusion, and those slabs are intended for installation of floors, roofs, wall partitions in residential as well as industrial and public buildings. Hollow-core design is used to decrease the slab weight. Standard slab heights are 200, 220, 265, 320, 400mm (HCS 20, HCS 22, HCS 26,5, HCS 32, HCS 40). Standard slab width is 1200mm, but narrower slabs can be produced as a special order. Besides, openings for communication lines in the building can also be formed, that is why this structure can be used in different design and structural solutions .

Advantages of using hollow-core slabs:

  • Quick, safe and easy installation;
  • Large openings can be covered without any additional supports;
  • Efficiency, as less concrete and reinforcement is needed;
  • High fire resistance;
  • Wide range of measurements;
  • Precise accuracy of the slabs.