Wall slabs


Wall slab usage is very wide. This structural element is used at construction of apartment buildings and private houses as well as public and industrial buildings. Due to installation speed, precast RC wall elements ensure efficient construction and high quality, because all products pass quality inspection. Moreover, communication channels are installed in wall slabs during production.

Customers can choose between two types of slabs – three-layered or single-layered. A precast three-layered wall does not need insulation because it includes a heat insulation layer as well as interior and exterior layers of RC. Single layered slabs are commonly used for installation of interior partitioning walls, elevator pits and stairwell walls. These slabs are composed of a single RC layer. Slabs of both types need no additional finishing. Moreover, other finishing layer modification options are available, such as washed surface, brick or plank imitation or surfaces with other shapes and factures.

Base slabs


We make single-layered or three-layered base slabs in accordance with customers’ drawings.

Samples of wall slab surfaces:

Paviršius A

Surface A

Paviršius B

Surface B

Paviršius C

Surface C