Low carbon EPS- Bioporas

Happy to introduce a new thermal insulation made from organic food waste!

Bioporas- is a grey polystyrene insulation board made from renewable feedstock- biogas, which are produced from organic food waste. It’s the first this type of insulation in the Baltics and Eatern Europe.

Bioporas is a low carbon EPS certified by REDCert. This low carbon EPS has the same final properties like the standard Neoporas Plius produced by Ukmerges gelzbetonis. Also the processing remains the same. The product is derived from renewable resources, which improves the positive sustainability profile of EPS even further by reducing the CO2 emissions up to 40% through the life cycle of Bioporas.

Bioporas for short – protects the environment and the climate while maintaining its usual high quality – because the material’s properties are identical to those of its fossil equivalent.



If it sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact for any further information.